Being Offensive, Backlash of an Ad!

The Burger King “Texican Whopper Burger” spread across Europe has been considered a significant insult to the Mexican society.  The ad that depicts a close relationship between an American cowboy and a Mexican wrestler is aimed to illustrate the combination of the burger that has Mexican taste with bits of Mexican spices.
What makes the Mexican society furious is how the Mexican wrestler is displayed in the commercial.  The wrestler is shown as a stocky man wearing a cloak with a Mexican flag design whilst the American Cowboy is displayed as a tall thin-figured- guy.  In the TV version, these two characters become all-completing-to each other and close roommate.
“The advertisement has disrespected our country’s image by the inappropriate use of Mexican national flag”, claimed the Mexican ambassador for Spain, Jorge Zermeno.  The ambassador then claimed further that the Mexicans highly respect their national flag.  The Mexican government has even regulated a strict use of the flag.  The ambassador has also demanded to stop the broadcast of the commercial.
This is not the first time a fast food outlet has offended the Mexicans.
The Mexicans and Spaniards in the US rejected the 1990 Taco Bell’s Ad that presented a Chihuahua talking in a Mexican accent.
The application of certain class/ group’s symbols, as well as state symbol in advertising, has been indeed an issue that requires a careful consideration.  The matter has been too sensitive mainly to the different cultural background and interest that may result in the conflicting understanding of the advertisement.