Company Appreciates the Proactive Action of the Fortuners in Protecting Company Assets

Thursday, September 13, 2012 – Located in the meeting room on the 4th floor, lndra Abidin, President Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. representing all Fortune staffs symbolically gave an award to our heroes who saved Galaktika Building from the fire.
SONY DSCThe award recipient is Ebbetha (Account Executive Fortune Digital) and the staffs of PT. Fortune Indonesia, Tbk. namely Sundoro and Sigit (Engineering), Dadan and Riswanto (Security) and Abdul (Housekeeping).
“The company sincerely appreciates the responsiveness and immediate measures taken, so that it could avoid a bigger calamity,” said Indra Abidin, President Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.
“We, on behalf of all Fortune staffs, are giving this highest appreciation and paying special attention into it. The courage to face your fear and think calmly is the action that the company expected from all Fortuners. In the future, the electricity is expected to be better and fully functioning in order to avoid overload.”
SONY DSCThe awards for all 6 people mentioned above were given by Yuliana Leonarda, Director of Finance and Dwi Bustomi, Brand Team Leader. Fortuners who received this award are very pleased and grateful for the appreciation given by the company.
We should be realized that this accident is something that is unavoidable and can occur at any time. Our preparedness towards these occurrences that may come at any time is the most important thing. Galactic Building is our home, a place where we work and be creative, making connections, elevating our career and achieving our dreams. Let’s keep this house as it has been exemplified by our brothers and sisters. “We all have the responsibility to work together in preserving and protecting the assets of the company,” said Achmad Nur Rochim, Associate HCD & GA Director.
Brief Chronology
SONY DSCTuesday, September 4, 2012, at 07.30 WIB, Ebbetha, Account Executive Fortune Digital, was aware of the explosion and charred smell in the 4th floor. She then immediately ran downstairs to find anyone who could help her finding out what had happened on the 4th floor. Ebbetha finally met Mas Abdul, the housekeeper of the 1st floor, and together they went upstairs to find out the causes of the charred smell in the 4th floor.
The fire and thick smoke was billowing from the panel room when they arrived on the 4th floor. Suddenly, Mas Abdul immediately went back downstairs to turn off the center electrical panel located at the basement of the building and informed this problem to the technician. Sundoro and Sigit, Engineering PT. Fortune Indonesia Tbk. soon went upstairs to extinguish the fire assisted by Dadan Riswanto, security. Shortly after arriving at the office, they immediately held a short briefing with the technicians. The engineering team and PLN then immediately repaired the burned AC panel since Tuesday afternoon until 5 o’clock on Wednesday morning. Therefore, on Wednesday, September 5, 2012, all Fortuners can then work normally.