Synergizing Fortuners’ Skills with Company Mission

SONY DSCIn-House Seminar Corporate Strategic Planning PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.
Towards Strategic Planning 2013, PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. organized in-house seminar which was held in R.M. Harsono Room, Galaktika Building, 4th floor, on October 3, 2012. The event that was commenced at 14.00 WIB used The Importance of Core Missions for Sustainable Growth as the theme.
Keeping the Sustainability of Fortune’s Success
In-House Seminars Corporate Strategic Planning was held to sustain the success of the businesses and to prepare the next generation to have the orientation that is in accordance with the philosophy of Fortune Group. The business leaders and brand team leader (BTL) that were invited and acted as the speaker was Rama Royani from Limawira Effectiveness of Advanced Development Programs (LeadPro Consulting), a leading human development company in Indonesia.
Abah Rama, how he is often called, is a graduate of Physics Engineering of Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). Abah Rama had had worked as a service manager at PT ASTRA for seven years. He then became the president of several contractors and supplier companies in the field of electrical, mechanical, and electronics. Only after 30 years of struggling in this field, Abah Rama realizes that his mission is to teach through Talents Mapping Software that he created based on the book titled “Now Discover Your Self” by Donald O. Cliffton (2002).
SONY DSCEmployees and the Company must be in ‘One Breath’
Abah Rama believes that everyone has a unique ‘feature’ in his/herself. “Every person has the power that we must appreciate and limitations that we must be aware of,” said Abah Rama. It is important for us to explore and discover each unique feature that we have in order to benefit the others and the environment. The Wright Brothers were able to invent an airplane, for example. Their discovery was not simply limited to funding, human resources, or a qualified education, but because they have lofty ideals that their findings could be useful for others. It is similar for an organization, it can well thrive when its core mission is in accordance with this purpose.
Every company also has the mission that is unique and different from the others. That is why Fortune Group presents as a solution for clients by providing the most innovative and creative communication strategies. According to Abah Rama, the core talents that Fortuners must have are communication, significance, maximier, and ideation in order to be aligned with the company’s mission. When the skill is inherent in every resident, the formula for success will be much easier to be carried out.
From Leader to Leader
In response to the seminar, President Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk., Indra Abidin, advised, “If you want to walk a thousand steps, you must begin with a single step by knowing yourself.” When one has been able to understand his/herself, we can then form a team by putting the right man on the right place.
Aris Boediharjo, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. was no less enthusiastic when he was met after the seminar. He advised that the team leader could create future leaders. For Aris, one can be called as a leader when he/she is able to produce a successor.