Fortune is not Just a Place to Earn a Living

After twenty two years of service, Siti Rabiati or more familiarly called Tati is finally retired. What makes this 54-year woman survived working for more than two decades in PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.?
How did you start your career?
I began my career with a contractor working in the oil equipment. Then, I moved to a timber company, then to a larger scale oil equipment contractor company. In this oil equipment contractor company, I was assigned to process the data for six years. I then moved to the oil surveying companies, and then later, I joined PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.
Why were you interested in joining Fortune Indonesia?
Because there are many artists. Ha ha ha. Before deciding to join Fortune, I was originally doubtful. But my friend, Rima, who used to be the first secretary of Mr. Indra (President Director of Fortune Indonesia, Indra Abidin, Ed.) had me convinced. Rima said that in Fortune you could meet a lot of artists. Sure enough, after I finished my job interview, I saw many artists passed by, such as Andi Meriem Matalatta and Titiek Puspa. I was so happy!
How did you held your commitment as the secretary of the Board of Directors?
As the secretary of the board of directors, I realized that the first point to be considered is punctuality. So, I always tried not to be late and return to home after Maghrib.
Secondly, I should be able to see what has happened and cover all parts. My eyes and ears must be able to quickly grasp what is going on. If the ‘lower’ staffs are afraid to express their mind to the board of directors, then I must help them.
Are there any significant obstacles during your tenure as secretary of the board of directors?
Certainly there are many obstacles, especially working with people with diverse characters. I ever worked for three days and two nights and did not return home. However, the most important thing is to be able to put yourself well and keep up a positive attitude.
Have you ever received an offer to work somewhere else?
Yes, I have. At that time, Fortune office was still located in Buncit. The offer was very tempting. They were luring me with benefits and complete facilities.
What are your reasons to keep working at Fortune Indonesia?
For me, Fortune is my first home as well as the best place. That’s what made me survive.
What is the most memorable moment you have while working at PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.?
I really love Fortune. I was most happy when there is an announcement from the directors on the remarkable achievements of the company, because my contribution resulted in fruitful results.
What is your retirement plans?
Numerous, but the main one is that I want to go Hajj again. In 2010, I had done Umrah, and the following year is to do Hajj. Now, it is the time to be close to God rather than to take care of self. After decades of working for the world, now it is the time to work for God.
What are your impressions while working in Fortune?
How lucky they are who are able to work at Fortune. This company is the land of learning, not just a place to earn a living. Thank you for everything. I believe Fortune is not only last for 100 years, but for the next1000 years.
5 Ways of Life:

  • See life modestly, do not complicate things
  • Be patient, calm, and think before you do
  • To life is to be alert, to be full of spirit, to struggle, and to worship
  • The most expensive luxury of life is to share with others, both materially or scientifically
  • Be honest. We will not advance if we keep lying

Indra Abidin says:
“There is one thing in Fortune that we always keep since the beginning. When you joined Fortune, then, we are joined together as a family that teaches, loves, and cares for each other. Mrs. Tati is a good role model for the ‘family’ figure in our place. “