Creativity and Innovation in Advertising World

kreatif_dalam_advertisingThe advertising world is always evolving along with the development of the 21st Century which seems to be running. Technology development in all fields including in graphics and printing is so rapid that many SME entrepreneurs couldn’t overtake and close their business.

The birth of digital era to some extent is impactful and makes certain business to be owned only by those with deep pockets who are purchasing sophisticated plotter machines that can replace the role of humans with infinite speed and productivity. It has shaken up manual advertising business managed by SMEs and individuals although the market still exists if we would fix the messy management in small businesses.
An advertising agency must be creative and always attempt to create new things that are useful for development by making the advertising materials more charming and innovative as well as continuously strive to develop HR potential so that the marketing ability become a determinant of how far business can keep running and compete with advertising production machines that are swiftly developing although the human factor remains on top.
Remove Selfishness and Immediately Build Network
Most advertising business people see one another as competitors; it is the primary conversation of some business people while meeting face to face. It’s time to remove that way of thinking, try to build good partnerships and cooperation since without realizing it, everyone still has hidden weaknesses. For example, oftentimes customers give a deadline for completion, however, because of the lack of Human Resources and the big load of work, delegating or sharing the job with small advertising partners becomes the easiest and economical solution in order not to lose trust. For small advertising businesses, being a partner/sub of a bigger advertising agency can become one alternative to survive.
Create New Things for Your Business, Although It’s Not New to Other Business.
It is significant to create and upgrade the capability and production items since old things will be replaced by new things along with the dynamics of the world development. It also happens in advertising. Create new things and add production items to develop our advertising business. A small note is that this sort of things cannot be done by static machines.