Television vs. Billboard, Which is Better?

Times_Square_1-2A sub-section of advertising management is media placement. Media placement is the use of various types of media to build and promote products or services of a brand. There are numerous media options for advertising goods or services.

The media is classified into two main types, namely print and mass media, and electronic and outdoor media. Print media includes television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and so forth. While outdoor media comprises billboards, flyers, posters, and banners. In the real practice, television and billboards are in intense competition with each other in presenting the advertisement. Each media has various advantages and disadvantages.
One of the advantages of billboards for advertisers is the large size that can attract traveling consumers as they go past the billboard. In addition, the cost of billboard advertising is relatively cheaper as it is valid for one year per contract. Strategic placement provides the road users who are passing by with continuous exposure that can immediately affect them to try or buy the advertised products. Billboard will be more effective when installed close to a business center.
Unlike billboards that are able to reach a wider audience, television can only be seen by people who are watching it. However, television has advantages that billboards do not have. Television has powerful delivery and influence as it can provide a combination of sound (audio) and images (visual). Repeated broadcasts can also provide direct exposure to the audience.
However, both television and billboards also have drawbacks. Compared to billboards, the cost of television advertising is much more expensive and can only be enjoyed briefly. The audience is also selective to decide which program to watch. While on the billboard, there is the limitation in delivering the content because it must be concise and, therefore, we must be creative to grab the attention of consumers. Billboards are also susceptible to damage for being outdoors.
Although both give a strong impression on the audience, they still have advantages and disadvantages. So, which one is better for you?