Fortuners Celebrated Indonesian Independence Day through Various Festive Events

This month Indonesian people are joyfully commemorating Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day. This celebration was widely felt in every corner of the country with the attributes of red and white flags waving in different places and various competitions held in the neighborhood.
Not to be left behind, Fortuners also celebrated the euphoria of Indonesia Independence through various festive activities ranging from Badminton Cup, Decoupage Art Festival, Potluck Party, to the various exciting race that was organized by Touchpoint team.
The tournament of Badminton Cup is still running. The qualification round, which takes place throughout the month of August, has determined 10 pairs of winners. Semi-final round will take place on Thursday, September 1 followed by the final round on September 8. The pairs who will compete are: Cahyo Trianggoro and Karnadi, Nur Rochim and Gugun Gunawan, Faizal Abrudin and Arif Budiman, Yanto and Arinto, and Andry Mochamad and Sugeng Hadikusuma.
Meanwhile, the various competitions held by Touchpoint team successfully brought pleasant laughter and excitement on the 1st floor of Galaktika Building, starting from eating crackers race, balloon dance, putting pen into the bottle, and inserting the thread into the needle. The series of race was then closed by a gift exchange. “Thank God the event was crowded and all Fortuners were enthusiastic to follow the race,” said Dwi Testi (Media Implementer, Fortune Indonesia).
A family atmosphere was also felt in the independence potluck event held on the 3rd floor of Galaktika Building. Every Fortuner was dressed in red and white and took with them their favorite food. No less festive from other activities, Decoupage Art Festival attracted Fortuners’ enthusiasm. Each workshop participant looked serious in working on their painting on their bag. Decoupage technique indeed demands accuracy and patience. This activity was guided directly by Indira Abidin as the facilitator. Fortuners proudly showcased their works at the end of the event.