Tips to Become a Reliable Negotiator

good_negotiator-438x284The negotiator is a type of job fields. However, at times, someone in a company needs negotiation skills for certain purposes. Winning business negotiation is a good start for a company. A company should have reliable negotiators for they are valuable assets. Reliable negotiators can achieve the initial objective of the negotiation without putting aside the interests of others to gain the best possible solution for all parties (win-win solution). Here are tips to becoming a reliable negotiator:

First, get to know your potential customers. Find out their needs and the reason why they need your products or services. Once you know that your potential customers are not just asking but really need your products or services, then negotiation will be conducted more easily because the needs already exist.
Secondly, people are happy with the best deals. Therefore, whenever possible, offer a negotiable price instead of fixed price to your customers. Remember that customers always love to bargain and feel happy if the seller can provide discounts and the best price. If you are a seller, lower your price bit by bit until it meets the buyer’s offer. If you are a buyer, then raise your offer bit by bit so that it meets the price offered by the seller.
Third, some people make decisions quickly, but some others take more time to think. For those who need time to think, you should avoid forcing them. Give them time to think, but provide a time limit. Let the customers make a buying decision within a certain period of time within which they can get a special discount or special treatment. This will make your customers think and decide more quickly.
Fourth, trust your customers. When you win a business negotiation, you need to always consider seeing things from the customer’s point of view. It’s not just about winning the negotiation, but rather being able to understand the other party’s point of view and show your concern to meet their needs. Give them trust, but that does not mean to give them everything.