Creative Ideas for Product Promotion

A creative idea usually comes up from a person’s hectic routines, from observing the surrounding people, or searching for a gap whether or not an idea is good and realizable. In this era, people from all walks of life can come up with very creative ideas for there are demands and opportunities. The creative ideas can be realized by creating a business that sells products or services.

Since food is everybody’s basic need, a food or culinary business becomes a very promising business. With the emerging creative ideas, food business has become an arena for the creativity of small businesses to grab the consumers’ attention. The business people must initially offer a unique product that stands out from the crowd of competitors’ products. Then they decide which strategy to use including how to promote it. Lots of media can be used to promote a product or a service, for instance, the internet. Many people today are promoting a product or a service over the internet. Why? It’s because this media is practical, accessible by people from all walks of life, and low-priced.

The internet is so widespread that business people turn their eyes to social media. Promoting on social media is very interesting especially for food businesses. Almost on all social media, we can upload photos, necessary articles, and everything necessary to reach or attract the hearts of consumers with, of course, a good presentation.

In addition to the internet, the promotional activities that can be done to sell a food product are word of mouth marketing and providing testers for the target consumers. If the target market is busy career women who cannot monitor the nutrient intake of the children, the tester can be offered to the colleagues or family. Consider also whether or not the promotion will have a good impact on the small business to be developed.

If a business person has an outlet or a store, a sensory branding campaign can be performed. This kind of promotion uses the five senses including the ears for hearing, eyes for sight, nose for smell, hands for touch, and mouth for taste so that the consumers can determine how good and tasty the product is. One example of a product using this promotional method is Roti Boy. Roti Boy keeps the outlets wide open in order that the aroma of the freshly baked bread can be smelled at the outlet area. Or Bread Talk that uses glass wall for the kitchen of its outlets so that consumers can see firsthand how to make the bread and smell the typical aroma of Bread Talk’s bread.