The Importance of Creativity in Advertising Industry

Creativity, according to Torrance (1988), is the process of sensing and observing problems, making guesses about the deficiencies (problems), evaluating and testing these guesses or hypotheses, then revising and retesting them, and finally communicating the results. This theory is very well suited to the creative process of ad writing. One of the parts we need to emphasize is learning how to write. Writing is an applied skill, art, and science. This skill is neither easy nor too difficult because writing requires us to practice a lot and to learn about new or old things that can really improve our writing skills.

Why do we badly need the creativity in advertising? And if many people are selling or promoting a similar product, and using the same promotional method, how does public recognize our products? Therefore, we need to apply creativity in an ad creation by searching for new things and inspiration on how to combine the product with the inspiration we have so it will become an advertisement that delivers a dynamic and imaginative message, which can attract the attention and steal the hearts of the audience until they finally choose our products.

Human’s capability of capturing the interesting things in an instant is incredibly challenging for creative experts in advertising including the writers who stimulate all ideas and visuals into words. A writer must be observant in order to grab the attention and provide even inspire the audience to change their mind and create a change of experience that audiences will get when buying or using the product.

There are two things that will ruin creativity, which are distraction and fear. To avoid the appearing distraction such as a situation that makes it impossible to write, you’d better observe the surrounding condition before you write, match your mood as much as possible with what you will write and make yourself comfortable to write. The fear of deadline is very upsetting but it must be removed first. If you write in fear of, for example, making mistakes, or not meeting deadlines, try to relax, have a chat with some friends or relax your mind by listening to the songs you like so that the creative and brilliant ideas will appear and the ad writing process will be much more exciting.

Dave Cole