Dissemination of Health Insurance by AdMedika

Starting March 19, 2018, Fortune Group has effectively used AdMedika healthcare service for all Fortuners including outpatient, inpatient, and surgical services based on the covered diagnosis. The dissemination of the insurance services was held on April 5, 2018, in the room Agus Salim I in Galaktika Building, South Jakarta.

As the policyholder, every Fortuner holds an AdMedika insurance card valid for one person. In case of card loss or damage, a fee of Rp25.000 will be charged for the replacement card.

AdMedika insurance card can be used in every hospital in Indonesia that has Great Eastern Life logo. Fortuners who receive health care in hospitals that are not in the network with Great Eastern Life can still file a claim with reimbursement system.

Use the Great Eastern Life App to Ease Your Life!

AdMedika’s health services are also accessible through the Great Eastern Life app already available on the App Store and the Google Store. Fortuners can directly access this Great Eastern Life application by entering the card number and date of birth of the policyholder.

In the application, Fortuners can learn about the benefits they can gain, the list of hospitals that are in partnership with AdMedika, file claims, consult with professional doctors directly, and monitor the limit of the cost that has been reached by every Fortuner. In addition, every Fortuner who has used the insurance card will also get a receipt as evidence of the cost of the care they have obtained.