Advertising Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

The slow death of traditional advertising vehicles (TV, newspapers), the rise of new ones (mobile, video) and the rise of a new generation of consumers who simply will not be interrupted (millennials, Gen Z), means those responsible for spreading the word about products or services are going to have to work more innovatively to accomplish their goals. Here are some of the trends to be aware of heading into the year of 2019.

AI in advertising
We have seen huge growth in targeted advertising, where the message is made to fit the viewer. For years, the quest for advertisers has been to ensure that their message is really hitting its mark. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and its associated technologies, can help do that. AI helps eliminate the guesswork in targeted advertising. With access to relevant information about a cohort (or even an individual audience member), advertisers can ensure that messages that aren’t effective, or that work against a brand’s positioning, don’t get through.

In addition, AI will likely help engineer a major upgrade in programmatic advertising. A powerful tool for optimizing campaigns already, programmatic advertising will get even more accurate, targeting audiences, verticals and customers with far greater precision and cost effectiveness.

Content is (still) king
Ever since the early dawn of media, content has been a major focus for advertisers. To engage customers, you have to give them something. After nearly a decade of social media as a constant in our everyday lives, consumers have come to expect blog posts, videos, social media updates, and other authentic content when engaging with a brand. Now that everyone is “doing” content, you need to do it better in order to stand out and break through the clutter.

As mentioned earlier, AI can help build a better content strategy. By better targeting audiences, companies can more effectively hone their stories, blog posts, videos and other content pieces to tailor fit and engage their users for a longer period.

Mobile Advertising Will Continue to Grow
Mobile has already reached a whopping 63% of total digital ad spending. Significantly more energy and resources will go into creating ads that perform exceptionally across mobile platforms. These types of ads include immersive 360° content, vertical videos, and less skippable video content. Mobile voice assistants will also play a key role in this type of advertising which refers directly back to the section above about voice search. In this Infiniti 360° video campaign, the user can opt to test drive the car through various kinds of terrain instead of just passively scrolling past a flat banner ad on their mobile device. In 2019 you won’t only notice the rapid expansion of mobile ads, but you will also observe mobile ad content getting increasingly more innovative.

AR-Powered Multimedia Advertising Campaigns
Augmented reality is still a technology in its infancy, but what we have seen so far shows a lot of promise. The ability to add digital properties to physical objects is a game changer for industries such as marketing, which thrive on multi-channel interaction with consumers.

The idea behind AR advertising is to give the consumer a fully-immersive experience while maintaining complete control over all channels of interaction. AR advertising campaigns share a lot of similarities with video-games. Each action the player takes and each piece of feedback he receives are meant to keep him engaged with the overarching narrative, which is itself based around a particular product or service that is being promoted.

If these trends are anything to go by, 2019 is shaping up to be another promising year for advertising. New technologies are being introduced, old strategies are being updated, and the industry as a whole is growing. Keeping an eye on trends is the essential part of future-proofing, and we hope that our article has brought you up to speed on what’s likely to happen in the world of marketing in the coming year.